Customized Course

We develop thousands of hours of e-Learning courses every year.
Our professional experience is widely recognized.

Digital Content

We provide comprehensive talent cultivation e-Learning courses,
help you achieve success.

Outstanding Product

Develop Your Own Content

We provide e-Learning authoring tools and software,
as well as consulting of content development.

SOP Digital Knowledge Platform

Pass Down and Build Up Knowledge

Build up SOP knowledge efficiently. Spread the knowledge to the world by cloud service.

Exciting Science and Math Class

Learn better and teach better with our virtual
lab app and thousands of science/math
interactive objects.

Learning Everywhere

You can manage your e-Course and e-Books by our mobile bookshelf.
The world is in your hand.

Embrace the Power of Life

We offer you 24 stories which teaches self-confidence, self-esteem, courage……
Include teacher edition and home edition.

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